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Our Pricing Structure

Small / Simple Website

“You need something simple, small, yet professional”

$1.2K to $2.5K or so. This is your category if  you need to get your business online with a basic informational website. We will make sure you look your very best with a professionally crafted custom website solution.

Medium / Content Management Solutions

“You need content management and look your very best”

$2.5K to $10K or so. Businesses that have more than a few pages fall in this category. Mid-sized contextual websites that need content management tools and other light programming (like scheduling tools, photo galleries, e-commerce, etc.).

Large Websites / Custom Programming

“The website is your business. It needs to do some specific things”

$10K to $25K or so. Websites that involve a good amount of custom programming fit in this price range. Businesses where the website itself is the business (because it offers a product, service, subscription, or some type of membership) are typical examples.

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